Mobile Scaffolds

The greatest advantage of our mobile scaffolds is the width of the vertical frames. The external dimensions of 85 cm or 155 cm allow the user to move the plattform in height without having to reposition the diagonal braces. The locking of the claw, which at first glance appears simple, turns out to be very user-friendly during installation compared to a self-locking spring claw. For example, the scaffolding platform can be easily removed by one person by placing the platform on the safety lever on one side and then unlocking the opposite side. Both the vertical frame with a wall thickness of 3.0 mm and the plywood BFU 100 G with a thickness of 12 mm, which is approved for scaffolding, are way ahead of the competition and guarantee that a permissible load of 2.0 kN / m², which corresponds to load class 3, is achieved. The mobile beams and toe boards are made of aluminum. On the one hand, this prevents the toe boards from twisting and, on the other hand, means enormous relief and weight saving when creating the substructure. Thanks to the captive spring clips mounted on the vertical frame, there is no need to constantly search for the safety plugs, moreover is becomes impossible to lose them.

The aluminum mobile beam with six pipe connectors not only enables a wall-side or central assembly, but also offers the possibility of erecting the scaffolding in double width. By using the gap platform required for this purpose, a mobile scaffold with a large working surface can be created with just a few additional parts.

Thanks to the modular system, the three different lengths of 3,00 m, 2,50 m and 1,90 m, as well as the two different frame widths, can be combined with one another.

In addition to the legally required static verifications, the individual scaffold types were also certified with the GS mark by DEKRA Testing & Certification GmbH.

Your advantages

  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly without tools
  • Low weight, as even the mobile beams and toe boards are made of aluminum
  • Safe stand and non-slip work surface
  • Variable height adjustment of the platform without changing the diagonals thanks to a frame width of 0.85 m or 1.55 m
  • Robust and stable
  • Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum


  • Load class 3 / access class D
  • Corresponds to DIN EN 1004
  • Production according to DIN ISO EN 9001: 2015

Certification Fahrgerüste 2021

Dekra Testing and Certification


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