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Tradition, quality and safety are very important to us!

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Made in Germany since1947

Scaffolding systems for scaffolders, roofers, carpenters, plasterers, painters or for industry - we offer you high quality systems, have a large team of competent employees and are producing in Germany.

Our scaffolding systems cover all the daily requirements in scaffolding - convince yourself!

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Albert Blitzfix® 70/100 facade scaffolding

Our Albert Blitzfix facade scaffolding is a high-quality scaffold and is characterized by its fast and flexible assembly. The scaffold plattforms are available in different versions and numerous lengths. This makes it easy to adapt the scaffold to all construction requirements.

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Albert UNITAC® 70/100 facade scaffolding

Diagonal braces and back guardrails are hanged into self-locking tilt pins - so they can be assembled without any tools. The insertion of the platforms into the round bolts of the vertical frames has a self-stiffening effect and prevents them from slipping.

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Albert mobile scaffold & stairway mobile scaffold

Our product range consists of 31 mobile scaffolds. You can choose between the wide or narrow version, as well as mobile scaffolds with outrigger or mobile beams. Or you can settle for a stairway mobile scaffold. Due to the width of our vertical frames of 0,85 m or 1,55 m you can easily move the plattform in height without having to reposition the diagonals.

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mobile scaffold systems

Our mobile scaffold parts are manufactured in Germany at our headquarters in Görschen. Besides that, our rolling towers are certified with the GS mark.

protective net support

Our protective net support made of lightweight aluminum, with a weight of 5.8 kg is only half as heavy as the steel version. We focus on high efficiency & safety in scaffolding.

lattice girders

We offer triangular- and square lattice girders that enable the bridging of obstacles in scaffolding. The square lattice girder with the dimensions 45 x 45 x 45 cm is only available here.

scaffolding accessories

Practical solutions, professional products and competent service. We offer a wide range of universal scaffolding accessories.

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