protectiv net post aluminum

Safe and easy

The protective net post is one of the heaviest and most unwieldy parts to install in scaffolding. Since the area of application is limited to the top level of the scaffold, numerous scaffolders and roofers called for a lighter alternative. After initial skepticism as to whether such a safety-relevant scaffolding part could even be realized in aluminum, we finally started developing an aluminum protective net post. The static evidence provided by the engineering office Mirow had to be confirmed by roll-off tests, which were carried out on our permises in Mertendorf and monitored and recorded by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

A 70 kg cylindrical test mass was used to simulate the the fall or the rolling of a person over a five meter long and 60 degree steep roof surface. The protective net post had to withstand the test twice without the test weight leaving the scaffold surface.

Since July 13th 2021, the aluminum protective net post has been registered at the German Institute for Building Technology under the number Z-8.1-885 in the "ALBERT BLITZFIX 70" approval.