Special constructions

We manufacture aluminum scaffold stairs according to individual customer specifications for various scaffolding systems, in consideration of the requirements of DIN EN 12810-2 appendix C and DIN EN 12810-1.

Scaffolding or platform stairs are used as access to working and protective scaffolding. They may also be used as access to other workplaces during construction work if the total permissible load is not exceeded.

Scaffolding stairs facilitate the transport of tools and building materials onto the scaffold. In contrast to conventional access platforms, they offer an increased level of safety and enable convenient and comfortable ascent. All stairs are manufactured using the WIG welding process.

Ihre Vorteile

  • Load capacity 2 kN/m²
  • Width from 630 mm to 750 mm
  • Step depths from 140 to 190 mm
  • With or without platform
  • Steps made of ribbed aluminum profile