Aluminum Bridge

Save time and material in scaffolding with the Albert Alu bridge, available in the following lengths:

  • 4.12m
  • 5.20 m
  • 6.00 m
  • 7.20 m
  • 8.00 m

Thanks to the use of special profiles, the aluminum web reaches a load of 2 kN/m2 with a length of up to 8 m, and is therefore approved for load class 3. In accordance with DIN 4420, Part 1, it can be used as a deck in working and protective scaffolding, ceiling scaffolding and as a bridging element in façade scaffolding. Depending on the length of the bridge, a load-bearing and non-tilting support of 30 to 50 cm is required.

The aluminum bars must be secured against lateral tipping or shifting. According to DIN 4420, three-part side protection is required from a stand height of 2.00 m. This is mounted using the railing brackets, which are fitted with tilting pins or wedge boxes, depending on the system. The arrangement of the lateral perforation of the aluminum web, through which the threaded rod of the railing bracket is guided, was chosen so that the distance between them is suitable for our two scaffolding systems.