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Flat roof protection system

During operations on high levels are save protection systems for guard of workers and for complying the strict requirements of the employer’ liability insurance coverage definitely necessary.

Corresponding of the guidance of BG Bau there have to be a roof protection system, if the vertical drop is more than 3 meters. “Equipment which prevent the fall of persons” is necessary. 

The ALBERT Flat Roof Protection System brings high quality, robust and multifunctional applicable protection system to you, with its help workings in a high altitude is very confident. 

The rail posts are available with either wedge housings, or with swivel pin. So you can combine the double guard rail of the two current German scaffolding systems with our Flat Roof Protection System. 

The guardrail posts can be folded up in connection with the reinforcement framework planned for it upward, so that it is also possible to move on work in this range without handicap.

Your advantages

  • Easy, fast and assembly with nearly no equipment
  • Greatest mobility thanks to flip-up guardrail posts
  • High wind stability because of shifting prevention
  • Easy transport thanks to transport boxes

General reference

Assembly and disassembly have to happen after the erection guide. It is necessary, that the erection guide is available at using place.


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Updated 2020

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Erection guide

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