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ALKE roofing-system

Weather influences like rain, snow and freeze threaten often the timetable at the construction site. 

If using at street-, building construction or civil engineering or when rehabilitating, increasing or modifying of buildings, with our ALKE Roofing-system it is always possible to work without influences of the weather. 

With help of the very light and flexible modular system it is possible to assemble easy and with nearly no tools. It is also possible to walk safely on the roofing system, thanks to the double-keder-profile, because you can fix your personal security system at the upper chord of the roofing system. Furthermore it is very easy to open and close the single bays, because of the double-keder-profile. 

Naturally our ALKE Roofing system got an actual static proof, which proofs a maximal width of 23,70 m in addition to ridge high of 17 m.


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Updated 06/2020

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